• Acupuncture


    Initial evaluation includes; range of motion testing, pulse diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis, palpation of points, visual inspection of skin for diagnostic…

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  • Cupping


    Cupping is the use of cups to create a vacuum effect on specific regions of the body to improve circulation.…

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  • On line Wellness/Nutritional program.

    On line Wellness/Nutritional program.

      The online wellness program is an online nutritional, dietary, herbal, nutraceutical counseling program. The program consists of two components…

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  • Herbal Nutritional Products

    Herbal Nutritional Products

      Dr. Ruther only uses a few professional lines of products which comply with the most stringent purity standards. Dr.…

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  • Trigger point injections, Prolotherapy

    Trigger point injections, Prolotherapy

    Trigger points are hyper-irritable, contracted regions of muscle fibers.  Trigger point injections is the injection of sterile natural compounds such…

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  • Sublingual Biological Terrain Therapy

    Sublingual Biological Terrain Therapy

    Sublingual Biological Terrain therapy: I use Apex energetics terrain max formulas which include; herbs, essential ionized co-enzymes and co factors…

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  • Functional Blood Chemistry Testing, immu

    To pay for blood chemistry reading ($275) for each panel ordered (Metabolic, Immunology, Pathogen, Hormone, Stool, - does not include…

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