Cupping is the use of cups to create a vacuum effect on specific regions of the body to improve circulation.  The improved circulation re-supplies nutrients to an area that has become depleted and toxic with inflammation and other pathological chemistry.  Oxygen is the main compound that restores the balance of calcium ions within muscle fibers.  The muscles can not relax until they receive the proper nutrients to do so.  The state of contracture is a vicious circle because the region has a higher demand for nutrients and less supply due to the poor circulation and blockage by the accumulation of pathological components.  Restoring circulation is critical to all aspects of healing and cupping is an excellent way to bring about this process.     For more information on dysfunctional chemistry see the "research and abstracts' page on this website under "causes and treatments of pain," as well as "more information" under the "trigger point injections" tab on this website.

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