Functional Blood Chemistry Testing, immunoligical, pathogen testing, stool testing.

To pay for blood chemistry reading ($125) for each panel ordered (Metabolic, Immunology, Pathogen, Hormone, Stool, - does not include cost of testing or blood draw), please click the PayPal button below.

I will make blood chemistry, immunological testing, pathogen testing, stool testing recommendations based on your metablolic assessment results. See on line wellness program for more information on available testing and infromation on the different laboratories and their websites. When you enroll in the evaluation program, you will be notified of the recommended testing based on your metabolic assessment results. This notification will include pricing, instructions and rationale for the testing. Depending on the testing you agree to, your blood, and or stool will be processed at a lab near you, or sent to another lab for processing. This will all be arranged over the internet. You will only need to go to a local blood draw office or service. If you would like to send in results you will be notified of where to send them.
Functional Blood Chemistry Models differ significantly from the commonly used Pathological Models in several significant ways. Functional models view the body as complex integrated systems, and the emphasis is on maintaining normal physiology. Pathological models are very specialized, localized and the emphasis is on identifying disease change. Functional Models integrates data from many different systems and resources of information, and seeks to address the underlying metabolic conditions. Pathological models are based on reducing specific symptoms or markers, without regard for the system as a whole. Pathological chemistry ranges are based on a bell curve which results in 95% of the population falling within normal range. Which is one reason why so many people claim they do not feel well, and their doctors tell them they are? Another reason is the specialized identification of isolated chemistries does not yield the ability to understand and treat relational problems within the greater context of the human organism. The associated treatment strategies suffer from the same problems of isolated chemical reactions aimed at manipulating a particular chemical outcome that does not take into account the rest of the biological terrain which sometimes results in severe, unwanted and unwarranted side effects.
Blood chemistry analysis can include all metabolic factors, including endocrine factors, and immune factors.   I use lab corp for besic metabolic testing.  I use Immunosciences for some pathogen testing and some auto immunity testing.  You can visit for more detailed information.  Click on catalog, then the image on the left to view the avialable panels. I will recommend panels based on your metabolic assessment results.  I use Cyrex labs for immunological testing and food screening.  Cyrex has a very user friendly, public access, simple description of their tests available at  I will recommend panels based on your metabolic assessment results. Cyrex and immunosciences were started by the same Phd. MSc. Immunologist Aristo Voljdani.  Dr. Voljdani holds the patents for the immunological testing done by the top immunology labs in the world.    Please see the above sites for more information on him, his acheivements, awards, and labs. 

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