Trigger point injections, Prolotherapy

Trigger points are hyper-irritable, contracted regions of muscle fibers.  Trigger point injections is the injection of sterile natural compounds such as saline, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and other natural non toxic compounds into specific muscle regions to flush out accumulated toxins and other pathological chemistry.  One result and aspect of chronic pain is the development and accumulation of fibrinogen.  Fibrinogen is produced by the enzyme thrombin, and is a natural part of the bodies clotting process.  Fibrinogen can cause serious problems in all aspects of physiology when it is out of balance.  This happens as a result of inflammation, stress, auto-immune diseases, diet and many other factors.  The result of excess fibrinogen is cell adhesion and aggregation.  This  can occur in any tissue of the body and disrupts the normal function of those tissues and systems. Trigger points are accumulations of fibrinogen and other chemistry in muscles that perpetuates dysfunction.   Trigger point injections into muscles can reduce the local fibrinogen and other pathological chemistry in those areas, as well as add nutritive components to restore proper function.  Other ways of addressing fibrinogen systemically can be found in my article on dysglycemia in the research and abstracts page of this website.

Prolotherapy is another injection therapy that introduces a 10% destrose sloution into ligaments and tendons.  The solution attracts new cells into the damged region and produces a rejuvenating, tightening effect on damaged and lax ligaments and tendons.  I use this therapy as an adjunct to trigger point injections, to further assist the balancing of musculo-skelatal issues.  When trigger point therapy is properly performed and used in conjunction with addressing the systemic effects of inflammation, prolotherapy can be another useful adjunctive therapy to balancing the forces on a joint structure, enhancing over all musculo structural functioning.

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