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Offering On Line and In Office Wellness Program; metabolic, immune, endocrine, neurotransmitter, testing, evaluation, treatment services in addition to services at our local clinic. Click on Services tab at the top of this page for more information..

Dr. Ruther has 29 years of experience treating people with acupuncture, injection therapies, herbology, nutrition, myofascial therapy, structural integration, rehabilitation and exercise. Dr. Ruther develops highly individualized protocols for all patients. David graduated from the International Institute of Chinese medicine in 1991. David continued his advanced studies in Chinese Medicine at the Blue Poppy Institute with Bob Flaws, the most prolific researcher on asian medicine of english language origin, and who also co aoutored the chinese-english medical dictionary with linguist and philologist Nigel Wiseman. He continued studying western pathologies with Dr. Datis Kharazzian, who is an appointed research fellow at Stanford Medical University. David began studying with Datis and other doctorate level physicians and researchers in western medicine in 1996. David also completed a two year program with the American Institute of Myofascial Studies with Victoria Magown who was a student of Janet Travell who pioneered myofascial theory and developed injection methods. He also completed internships at several hospitals in China, one of which is the prestigious Quan Jie Hospital in Beijing, where the modern system of TCM was developed during the Peoples Revolution in the 1940’s. David is experienced with treating all kinds of pain syndromes. David develops individual protocols for all kinds of disorders. David is experienced with treating people with many kinds of illnesses related to pathologies in blood sugar, adrenal function, thyroid and endocrine function, lipid and cardio function, circulatory, blood cell disorders, digestive function, liver and gallbladder function, brain chemistry, neurology and immunology. Dr. Ruther is experienced with all readings of blood chemistry biomarkers, x-rays, ct scans, and other imagery.

Dr. Ruther is experienced with treating all the complications of the above metabolic disfunctions that lead to such illnesses as Diabetes; type I, II, and dialysis; kidney dysfunctions, glomerulo- nephritis etc. metabolic syndrome, auto immune disorders; hashimotos', graves', rheumatoid arthritis, etc., fatigue, anxiety, edema; lipidema, lymphedema, Heartburn, Irritable bowel; diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, etc., Migraine, Musculo-skeletal pain, osteo-arthiritis, bursitis, myofascial pain, disc related pain, neuropathy, Weight gain and loss, Stress, and pretty much all medically related complaints.

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Japanese and Taiwanese methods
Very refined systems of evaluation and treatment, based on Chinese classics, but adapted to modern people.

On line/In Office Functional Medicine/Nutrition

Metabolic, Immune, Endocrine testing, counseling, treatment
Herbal / nutritional therapies


Cupping works very similar to acupuncture, massage, gua sha, stretching, exercise, in that they all improve circulation.
The improved circulation detoxifies inflammatory and other pathological chemistry, while restoring essential nutritional chemistry.

Trigger point injections, Prolotherapy

Includes detailed structural, myofascial evaluation to determine causes of musculo-skeletal dysfunction.
Injection of sterile natural compounds to restore healthy muscle, ligament and joint function,